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Pediatric CPR is required by the State of California and the Cal EMSA for all childcare providers, along with pediatric First Aid. At Kiser CPR, we provide these blended courses at your business or location. The 2-year certification will come with a CPR/AED and First Aid card, along with the required provider sticker from Cal EMSA. 

Onsite combo training

This blended course is great for employers and individuals who want more than a basic course in CPR and AED operation. It provides the basics of patient assessments, basic pathophysiology, and other life saving information. Great for medical office workers, construction workers, mechanics, electricians, and many more. 

ALS providers

This course is generally required by many employers of advanced life support providers. This includes: Paramedics, RN's, LVN's, and Respiratory Therapists. It Encompasses all the most advanced techniques in cardiac rescusitation, medication administration, and advanced airway management. 

Healthcare providers

CPR for the professional rescuer (BLS) is tailored for Healthcare providers including: EMT's, paramedics, RN's, LVN's, and fire fighters. It blends the basics of CPR with more advanced topics in airway and breathing. Using tools like: bag valve masks, oral and nasal pharyngeal airways, and more. 


Basic first aid is great for anyone and everyone. This course will give students the basics behind topics like: heart attacks, strokes, bleeding control, allergic reactions, splinting, asthma attacks, and more. It is a great class to take if you plan to go on and take a first responder course in the future. 


Make your babysitting business something that parents can truly rely on by getting this certification. This course covers basics in childhood development, child airway anatomy, and the specifics of pediatric rescusitation. It also helps teens to become more confident during their first jobs as a babysitter. In combination with pediatric CPR, this course is an essential prerequisite to being a safe caretaker. 

Oxygen Administration

This is a basic course in the use of oxygen in emergent situations. From the proper adjuncts and uses during traumas, to the proper oxygen applications for many types of medical emergencies. 

Workplace Pathogens

This is a short course in the different bloodborne pathogens that may be encountered in the workplace. Covering each and every disease, how it's spread, and how disease transmission is prevented. 

Intro to EMS

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The EMR course is a fully accredited course with both NorCal EMS and SSV EMS in Northern California. It is a 54 hour class that prepares students to become profressional rescuers. This class is typically a required corequisite for any fire fighter 1 academy. It is a great choice for anyone considering an EMT-B course in the near future as well, as it broaches all subject matter that will be covered in an EMT academy. 

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